Hey guys! We have way too many Elans! If you're going to make a new character, please consider making a different species for now so we can even up the numbers. Keep in mind that they can be mixed and have Elan qualities but their dominant species can be something else. For now there's no species ban but we may put it in place if we keep getting more.

We'd love your input regarding the size of fauna within the Hollow! Check out this thread and post your feedback <3

Aaand we are open!! Welcome everyone :D To celebrate our grand opening, we are holding a raffle for some special items so go check it out here! We'll accept entries until Feb 20th @ 12am EST. Please feel free to reach out to us staff if you have any questions along the way, but otherwise - happy plotting!

Welcome to Aravae's soft opening! We're so excited to finally be able to bring this project to life and share it with you guys. While we aren't officially open for business, you are more than welcome to look around, start making characters and planning plots! As we continue to work out the kinks, feel free to give us feedback on how we're doing or if you notice any typos/bugs. Have fun! ♥
Year 1 ; Spring ; February 6th - April 6th ; Birthing
As the last of winter fades, temperatures are slowly rising and the first buds are beginning to show through the earth. There are some sunny days, but most often it's raining or cloudy with the occasional thunderstorm.
Stay in the loop by reading all that we have to say on this board such as site announcements, events and more. You can also find important directories such as magic level tasks/upgrades, open threads ready to be replied to and pack information.
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If at any time you're confused about something on the site, feel free to post your question here and we will do our best to help! If you also have any suggestions or feedback for the staff regarding the site, you may post these here.
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Creating a new character? After you've entered all their information into your member profile, please fill out the form in a new thread here so the staff know your character is finished. You can find the specific bio requirements here as well.
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For all your plotting needs, here's a board for you. This will also be where you request IC offspring.
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Keep track of current and past threads, relationships, plots, graphics and more in a thread within this board.
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Kyanite Falls, Azmarin Cave, and 1 more.
Surrounding the hollow in a crescent moon shape, Winterlarch reaches tall and far into the sky with the peaks hardly visible from the ground it protects―like an icy shield. Most are unable to reach the upper part of the mountain range with the exception of Utlends who are naturally acclimated to the high altitude and extreme cold.
Walking The Path of Ancie... - 02-17-2018, 02:36 PM by Enora 3 threads . 8 posts
Bittercress is the magical border surrounding the sacred tree known as Gaia's Heart. Both the ground and air here seem to be alive with the buzz and presence of magic, and because of that this is a very popular place in the Hollow. The majority of Bittercress is meadowland, small knolls covered in short grass and wildflowers of as many shapes and colors as one could think of.

Northern portion claimed by Astreas.
Kindest Regards | Kuzma - 4 hours ago by Kuzma 6 threads . 20 posts
Named for the legendary spirit rumored to roam it, Alyndra’s Mirror was once barren before it became what it is today. Only by magic could this transformation have happened--from desolate to being filled with trees that have crystals instead of leaves, and crystal growths protruding from their trunks, in stunning shades of blue and purple. The crystal covered trees tower over the forest floor, refracting the light of celestial bodies to illuminate the darkness within. Just like a mirror, every crystal reflects the surroundings, leaving its appearance never quite the same every time you look at it.

This land is unclaimable by packs.
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Sanguine Canopy, Morwick, and 1 more.
A spectacle for the eyes, Spellbarrow’s incredible beauty is matched only by the deadliness of the creatures that live within. Unique and tropical flora parades through the jungle in a display of colors unlike any other place inside the Hollow. The diverse plant life makes this an ideal place to go searching for herbs, so long as one keeps an eye out for the danger that lurks there. Of all the legends, there is one that speaks of a creature of the night who preys on the lost and those foolish enough to look for it.
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Lilium Bridge, Halcyon Cove, and 1 more.
Mystical, enchanting, wonderful. Rhinfrew Pond is a delightfully spellbinding place that is home to much colorful, harmless fauna, such as the many dragonflies that flit across the surface of the water. Aravarians will often travel here for a bit of peace and quiet, and to just enjoy the temperate water and serene environment offered by the pool.
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The plains is a large section of prairieland located closest to the entrance of the Hollow. This section of lowlands is, for the most part, flat and sweeping with tall, reed-like grasses that sway in the slightest breeze. A good spot for grazing, it’s not uncommon to find undulates and other herbivorous creatures roaming Mizuhr Plains.
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Located to the right of the Hollow’s entrance, the tall reaching evergreens of this forest cascade down Winterlarch and spill out into the Graylands. Upon first inspection Brunet Wood gives off an ominous feeling as the dense canopy of conifer trees allows little light to filter through to the forest floor. The ground here is littered with loose pine needles, effectively creating a form of natural soundproofing and adding to the eerie quality of the territory. There seems to be a murder of crows that calls the Wood home as well, their caws echoing all throughout the forest, and the higher up the mountain you go, the more likely one is to find snow.
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Named for the hoards of natural sea glass that wash up on the beaches. The sands are rather white here and speckled with sparkling bits of color from the glass shards. After storms the sea glass is more prominent and unique with lightning strikes adding new splays of colors and patterns to the mix. From the shores, the waters of Abysria can be seen where light shimmers off the surface of the ocean and mysterious depths hide below.

Currently closed to roleplaying until the plot moves forward.
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For all your social needs - here's a board for that.
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Satisfy your art needs by coming to this board. You can start your own studio or request something from our artists here. This is also where you'll find the table testing thread.
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If you're looking to rp out a past event, something non-canon or simply a quick rp below the word limit, post your threads within this board.
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